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Royal Naval Biography/Appleby, John Frederick


Son of Mr. John Appleby, a respectable yeoman, of Soberton, in Hampshire.

This officer was born at Soberton, and entered the royal navy in the beginning of 1S05, at an early age, as midshipman on board the Queen 98, bearing the flag of Rear-Admiral (afterwards Sir John) Knight, then about to sail for Gibraltar, but destined to form part of the squadron under Lord Collingwood, employed in the blockade of Cadiz. He subsequently served under Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Cotton, second in command of the Channel fleet; and in the Minstrel sloop, on the Mediterranean station. In 1811, here-joined Sir Charles Cotton’s flag ship, the San Josef 110, and returned with that officer to England. In June 1812, he passed his examination at Portsmouth; and in Jan. 1813, was appointed acting lieutenant of the Bristol 64, armed en flûte, Captain George Wyndham, in which ship he was present at the siege of Tarragona, by the military and naval forces under Lieutenant-General Sir John Murray and the late Vice-Admiral Sir Benjamin H. Carew. In 1814, we find him proceeding to Halifax, as midshipman on board the Akbar frigate. Captain Archibald Dickson, under whose successor. Captain Charles Bullen, by whom he was strongly recommended for promotion, he continued to serve until advanced to the rank of lieutenant, Feb. 10th, 1815, previous to which he had again held an acting order.

Mr. Appleby’s next appointment was, May 3d, 1815, to the Nimrod sloop. Commander George Hilton, employed on the Irish station. In July 1817) he joined the Queen Charlotte 108; and for eleven years and one month from that period he commanded the tender to the flag ships of Admirals Sir Edward Thornbrough, Sir George Campbell, Sir James Hawkins Whitshed, Sir George Martin, and the Hon. Sir Robert Stopford, successively commanders-in-chief at Portsmouth. He was promoted to his present rank, by the Lord High Admiral, Aug. 28th, 1828; and appointed an inspecting commander of the coast guard service. Mar. 4th, 1831. This officer is married, but has no family.