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Royal Naval Biography/Athill, James


Was the only son of the late Hon. Samuel Byam Athill, pro tempore commander-in-chief at Antigua. He passed his examination, and obtained a lieutenant’s commission, in June, 1809; was appointed to the Venerable 74, fitting out for the flag of Rear-Admiral (now Sir Philip C. H.) Durham, Dec. 18th, 1813; promoted to the command of the Mutine sloop, June 7th, 1814; and appointed to the Hardy, April 20th, 1815.

Commander Athill married, Nov. 8th, 1819, Selina Theresa, third daughter of the late C. Bishop, Esq. H.M. Procurator-General; and died at the island of Antigua, April 9th, 1825.