Royal Naval Biography/Baker, John Popham


This officer obtained his first commission in Oct. 1802. While serving as senior lieutenant of a line-of-battle ship, off Toulon, in 1809, he had the misfortune, through extreme fatigue, to bring on a rupture. In 1815, he was appointed first of the Leander 60, Captain William Skipsey, fitting out at Woolwich; and, in Dec. 1818, to the Newcastle, a similar ship, fitting out for the flag of Rear-Admiral E. Griffith, commander-in-chief on the Halifax station. His advancement to the rank he now holds took place on the 29th Jan. 1821[1].

The out-pension of Greenwich Hospital was granted to Commander Baker in July 1829.

  1. The first anniversary of the accession of King George IV. See Vol. III. Part II. note at p. 32.