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Rear-Admiral of the Red.

This officer was made a Commander in 1794; and, after serving some time in the Megaera fire-vessel, appointed to act as Captain of the Tremendous, 74. His post commission bears date Aug. 1, 1795. In the following year he obtained the command of the Pearl frigate, in which he was employed successively on the coasts of America and Africa, in the West Indies and Mediterranean, during the remainder of the war. He returned to England from the latter station about the month of Dec. 1801.

In the list of numerous captures made by the Pearl during the time she was commanded by Captain Ballard, we find the following armed vessels; l’Incroyable, of 24 guns and 220 men; le Scaevola, 10 guns, 73 men; l’Independence, 12 guns, 66 men; several privateers, names unknown; and two Spanish xebecs. She also drove on shore a Genoese polacre, of 14 guns, and assisted at the capture of la Carriere French frigate, of 40 guns and 356 men[1].

Early in 1812, Captain Ballard was appointed to superintend the payment of ships afloat at Portsmouth. He became a Rear-Admiral, June 4, 1814.

Our officer has been twice married. His first wife was a daughter of the late James Flint, of Judd House, near Faversham, Kent, Esq. The present Mrs. Ballard is a sister of Sir Thomas Crawley Boevey, Bart., of Haxley Abbey, Gloucesshire.

Residence.– Bath .