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Royal Naval Biography/Bevan, Rowland

[Post-Captain of 1808.]

Was second Lieutenant of the Brunswick 74, commanded by Captain John Harvey, in the great battle of June 1, 1794; on which memorable day that ship had no less than 44 persons killed and 114 wounded. Her damages were as follow: –

Mizen-mast and fore-top-gallant-mast shot away; bowsprit cut two-thirds through (near the gammoning); fore and main lower-masts greatly crippled; all the yards shattered; sails and rigging cut to pieces; eight lower-deck ports unhinged; starboard quarter-gallery displaced; cat-head, together with the best-bower, spare, and stream-anchors torn away (when swinging clear of her opponent, le Vengeur 7); and 23 guns dismounted[1].

The subject of this brief sketch was wounded in the above battle, and shortly afterwards promoted. His post commission bears date June 10, 1808; and he obtained the out-pension of Greenwich Hospital, May 2, 1810.

  1. The Brunswick’s proceedings between May 29 and June 12 1794, are fully detailed in the Naval Chronicle. Vol. iii. pp. 252–257. Captain Harvey’s gallantry and patriotism have been noticed at p. 613 of our first volume.