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Royal Naval Biography/Bigland, Wilson Braddyll

[Post-Captain of 1821.]

Obtained the rank of lieutenant, March 5th, 1808 ; and was then appointed to the Aboukir 74, Captain, (now Sir George) Cockburn, who, in an official letter to Sir Richard J. Strachan reporting the operations of the flotilla under his orders, at the attack of Flushing, in Aug. 1809, says:

“I cannot conclude this without mentioning to you Lieutenant Bigland, of the Belleisle, who has invariably attended me as aide-de-camp, and whose courage and zeal fully entitle him to this public acknowledgment thereof.”

Mr. Bigland appears to have followed the fortunes of the same distinguished officer until made commander, June 15th, 1814. His post commission bears date, March 6, 1821. He married Jan. 8th, 1822, Emily, second daughter of the late Samuel Leeke, of Havant, co. Hants, Esq. and sister to Captain Henry John Leeke, R.N.