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Royal Naval Biography/Bissett, James

Rear-Admiral of the Red.

At the Russian armament, in 1791, this officer commanded the Swallow, of 14 guns, on the home station; and in the following year, the Falcon sloop of war, at Jamaica. In 1793, we find him cruising in the Channel, where he appears to have captured several of the enemy’s privateers. He was promoted to the rank of Post-Captain, Oct. 24, 1794; and, in 1795, commanded the Venerable, of 74 guns, bearing the flag of Admiral Duncan, in the North Sea. From that ship he removed into the Janus frigate, and proceeded in her to the West Indies, from whence he returned with the homeward bound trade, in 1797; and from that period we lose sight of him until the month of Dec, 1805, when he sat as a member of the Court-Martial assembled to try the late Sir Robert Calder, for his conduct in the action with the combined fleets of France and Spain, in the preceding summer.

Towards the close of the late war, Captain Bissett commanded the Royal Sovereign a first rate, forming part of the Channel fleet, under Lord Keith. He was advanced to the rank of Rear-Admiral, Dec. 4th, 1813.