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Royal Naval Biography/Blight, William

[Captain of 1830.]

Son of a respectable warrant officer in the navy. He obtained the rank of lieutenant April 15th, 1803; and was employed as an agent of transports at Palermo,, during the latter part of the war. His next appointment, was, Oct. 4th, 1819, to be first lieutenant of the Queen Charlotte 108, flagship of Sir George Campbell, at Portsmouth, where he continued until the death of that officer, when he obtained a commander’s commission, dated Feb, 12th, 1821, From this period, he remained on half-pay until May 31st, 1828, when he was appointed second captain of the Britannia 120, bearing the flag of the Earl of Northesk, at Plymouth , where he continued in that ship and the St. Vincent 120, during the remainder of his lordship’s command, a period of nearly two years. His promotion to the rank of captain took place July 22d, 1830. This officer’s brother. Emanuel, is a lieutenant in the royal navy.

Agent.– J. Hinxman, Esq.