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[Post-Captain of 1825.]

Was made a lieutenant, Aug. 30th, 1807; promoted to to the command of the Driver sloop, on the African station, July 19th, 1822; and advanced to the rank of captain, July 27th, 1825. He appears to have rendered great assistance to the garrison of Cape Coast Castle during the Ashantee war; and his exertions in mounting and equipping the guns of that fortress, in 1823, drew forth the warm acknowledgments of his commodore, the late Sir Robert Mends. The Driver’s subsequent co-operation with the troops under Lieutenant-Colonel Sutherland, was also handsomely acknowledged by the latter officer, in a despatch addressed to Earl Bathurst, May 28th, 1824[1].

Agent.– J. Hinxman, Esq.

  1. Lieutenant John King, first of the Driver, commanded a division of the British forces in the field for several months, and was slightly wounded in an action with the enemy, May 21st, 1824.