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Royal Naval Biography/Boyd, David


Was made a lieutenant on the 30th May, 1800. We first find him commanding the Gracieuse schooner a tender to the flag ship of Vice-Admiral J. R. Dacres, on the Jamaica station, where, in company with the Gipsy schooner, he captured, after a running fight, the Spanish privateer schooner Juliana, mounting one long brass 18-pounder amid-ships, and four 12-pounder carronades, with a complement of 83 men, Dec. 27th, 1807. The enemy’s loss consisted of eight men killed and six wounded; the British had only one man wounded.

Lieutenant Boyd subsequently commanded the Antelope and St. Lawrence schooners; in the former of which he returned home from Jamaica, about the close of 1809; and from the latter he was promoted to the command of the Alban sloop of war, Jan. 17th, 1815.