Royal Naval Biography/Branford, John


Was made lieutenant into the Swiftsure 74, Captain Edward S. Dickson, on the Mediterranean station, April 3d., 1813. At the end of the war with France, in 1814, he was serving on board the Milford 74, Captain Westby Percival (late flag-ship of Rear-Admiral, afterwards Sir Thomas F. Fremantle), employed in the Adriatic. During the usurpation of Napoleon, in 1815, he was flag-lieutenant to the latter officer, at Jersey. His subsequent appointments were, July 23d, 1816, to the Rivoli 78, Captain (now Sir Charles) Ogle, guard-ship in Portsmouth harbour; and Aug. 26th, 1818, to resume his former office under Sir Thomas F. Fremantle, on whose demise he was promoted to the rank of commander, by commission dated Mar. 1st, 1820.