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Royal Naval Biography/Broughton, John

[Post-Captain of 1801.]

This officer was made a Lieutenant in 1789; and during the latter part of the French revolutionary war, he commanded the Strombolo bomb, and Florentina frigate, on the Mediterranean station. His post commission bears date Aug. 3, 1801.

In 1807, we find Captain Broughton cruising in the Meleager frigate, for the protection of our Greenland whale fishery; on which service he accompanied Captain Broke of the Shannon, to the latitude of 80° 6' N.[1] He afterwards served on the Jamaica station, and there captured a Spanish letter of marque, laden with dry goods, brandy, and wine. His subsequent appointmente were to the Indefatigable of 46 guns, and Cornwall 74.

Agent.– M‘Inerheny, Esq.