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Royal Naval Biography/Brown, Thomas

[Post-Captain of 1806.]

Post commission dated Jan. 22, 1806. This officer commanded the Loire frigate, and was very actively employed on the coast of North America during the late war between Great Britain and the United States. On the 10th Dec. 1813 he captured the Rolla privateer of 5 guns and 80 men. In 1816, he was appointed to superintend the ordinary at Sheerness; and he subsequently served as flag-Captain to Rear-Admiral Lambert, on the St. Helena station. His last appointment was, Oct. 16, 1822, to the Tartar of 42 guns, in which ship he sailed for South America, Feb. 5, 1823. Whilst there the celebrated Bolivar presented him with his portrait, as a mark of his regard and esteem, expressing, at the same time, through Colonel Peraz, his secretary, his regret, from being engaged in Alto-Peru, at not having a personal opportunity of taking leave of him previous to the Tartar’s departure from the Pacific. It should likewise be noticed, in proof of Captain Brown’s conciliatory and equitable conduct towards the contending parties, that the royalist General, Rodil (Bolivar’s greatest enemy), refused a request he made, to be permitted to purchase some ship’s stores at Callao, but generously added, that, as a mark of his esteem and friendship for him, he should take whatever his frigate required. The Tartar returned to Portsmouth, bringing specie to the amount of 820,000 dollars, Jan. 31, 1826; and was paid off at Woolwich on the last day of the following month.

Agents.– Messrs, Stilwell.