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Royal Naval Biography/Burt, Edward


Was made a lieutenant in 1802, and promoted to his present rank on the 1st April, 1808, previous to which he had commanded the Sandwich schooner. In the following year, he assisted at the reduction of the city of St. Domingo, as will be seen by the following official extract:

Captain William Pryce Cumby to Vice-Admiral B. S. Rowley.

“I must, in justice to Captain Burt, of the Sparrow sloop, beg permission to state the great promptitude, zeal, and ability evinced by that officer in the landing of the lower-deck guns from this ship, under circumstances of great difficulty and labour; two of which he transported from Audré Bay to the east battery, a distance of near thirty miles, across an almost impassable country, prior to the arrival of the troops.”