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Royal Naval Biography/Burton, James Ryder

[Post-Captain of 1824.]

Son of the late Bishop of Killala, and related to the Marquis of Conyngham.

This officer passed his examination in Sept. 1812; obtained the rank of lieutenant, Feb. 15th, 1813; subsequently served in the Garland 22, Captain Richard Plummer Davies; and was second of the Albion 74, Captain John Coode, at the battle of Algiers, Aug. 27th, 1816. His promotion to the rank of commander took place Nov. 27th, 1819,

On the 23d May, 1823, Captain Burton was appointed to the Camelion of 10 guns, in which brig he took possession of an Algerine corvette, already disabled by the fire of the Naiad frigate, Jan. 31st, 1824[1]. His post-commission bears date Feb. 23rd, 1824.

Captain Burton married, in 1823, the widow of Philip Roche, of Limerick, Esq. and youngest daughter of Randall, late Baron Dunsany.

Agents.– Messrs. Stilwell.