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[Post-Captain of 1809.]

This officer’s commission as a Commander bears date April 24, 1782. On the 20th June following, being then in the Defiance armed ship, he captured the Dutch brig Zeuze, mounting 16 long 6-pounders and one 18 pounder, with a complement of 113 men. The action between these vessels took place near Portland, and lasted about two hours; during which the enemy had 21 men killed, and 17, including the 1st and 2d Captains, wounded, the greater part of them dangerously. The Defiance was armed with 4-pounders[1], and had no more than 68 persons on board, of whom only one was killed and another wounded. Captain Cadman obtained post rank Oct. 25, 1809.

  1. We have not been able to ascertain how many.