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Royal Naval Biography/Caiger, Herbert


Was made a lieutenant on the 13th Dec. 1800; and “conducted himself like a brave officer and good seaman,” while serving as second of the Tartar frigate. Captain G. E. B. Bettesworth, in action with a Danish flotilla, near Bergen, in Norway, May 15th, 1808[1]. His next appointment was, Aug, 25th, 1809, to the Unicorn 32, in which ship he continued, under Captains Alexander R. Kerr, George Burgoyne Salt, and Samuel G. Pechell, on the Channel and North Sea stations, until paid off about the end of Sept. 1814. During that period, he assisted at the capture of the French privateers Gascon and Miquelonnaise, the former of 16 guns and 113 men, the latter of 18 guns and 130 men; the letter of marque Espérance (formerly H.M. 22-gun ship Laurel), with a valuable cargo of East India produce; and the American letter of marque Hebe (formerly H.M. schooner Laura) of 2 guns and 15 men. He was promoted to the rank of commander May 11th, 1827.