Royal Naval Biography/Campbell, Alexander

[Post-Captain of 1804.]

This officer, a grand nephew of the late Earl of Crawford, was made a Lieutenant in 1797; and had the good fortune to escape the melancholy fate of his shipmates in the Queen Charlotte, when burnt near Leghorn, Mar. 17, 1800[1]. He received the Turkish gold medal for his subsequent services in Egypt; and was successively advanced to the rank of Commander and Post-Captain, by his patron, the late Admiral Viscount Keith. At the renewal of the war with France, in 1803, he obtained the command of the Amethyst frigate; and in June 1804, he was dismissed from that ship, and placed at the bottom of the list of Captains, by the sentence of a Court-Martial, held at Sheerness, for misconduct in an action with four Dutch vessels, off the coast of Norway. He died at Bath, Mar. 15, 1825.