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A Companion of the Most Honorable Military Order of the Bath.
[Captain of 1827.]

This officer was made a lieutenant in June, 1807; from which period we find no mention made of him until his appointment to the Snake sloop, Commander Joseph Gape, April 5th, 1815. He subsequently served under Captains Francis Stanfell and Francis A. Collier, in the Phaeton and Liverpool frigates, on the St. Helena and East India stations; commanded the seamen employed on shore in the attack upon Ras-al-Khyma, in Dec. 1819[1], and acted for a short time as captain of the Dauntless 24, vice the Hon. Valentine Gardner, deceased. His promotion to the rank of commander took place Nov. 28th, 1820; and his next appointment was. May 14th, 1827, to the Albion 74, Captain John Acworth Ommanney, which ship formed part of the combined force under Sir Edward Codrington at the battle of Navarin, and sustained a loss of ten killed and fifty wounded.

The officers and other gentlemen of the Albion whose names appeared in her surgeon’s report of casualties were. Captain Cornelius James Stevens, R.M., and Mr. Edward R. Foster, volunteer, slain; – Messrs. William Lloyd (mate), Frederick Fludyer Gray (midshipman), and Thomas Addington (boatswain), severely wounded; – and Commander Campbell, Lieutenant John Gooch D’Urban, the Rev. Edmund Winder (chaplain), Assistant-surgeon W. F. O’Kane, and Mr. James Stewart (clerk), slightly wounded[2].

For his conduct on this occasion, Commander Campbell was advanced to the rank of Captain, by commission dated back to Oct. 22d, 1817; and nominated a C.B. on the 13th of the following month.

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  2. Mr. F. F. Gray lost his right arm, and his eldest brother was at the same time severely wounded on hoard the Genoa. See p. 32.