Royal Naval Biography/Campbell, Lewis


Son of a Greenock merchant, and first cousin to Thomas Campbell, Esq. the celebrated poet. This officer was made a lieutenant on the 7th Jan. 1802; and appears to have served successively as first of the Ville de Paris 110, Captain (afterwards Sir George) Burlton, on the Mediterranean station; Stirling Castle 74, Captain Sir Home Popham, employed in conveying the late Marquis of Hastings from England to Bengal; and Cornwallis 74, bearing the flag of Sir George Burlton, when commander-in-chief in the East Indies. He obtained the rank of commander on the 15th Nov. 1816; and died at Bothwell Mount Cottage, near Glasgow, In Aug. 1825. His brother, Robert Campbell, Esq. was made a commander in 1821.