Royal Naval Biography/Carthew, James

[Post-Captain of 1801.]

This officer was made a Lieutenant in 1790; served as such on board the Mercury frigate, in 1796; commanded the Rosario sloop of war during the expedition against the Helder; and assisted at the destruction of two Dutch frigates, and the dock-yard at Medenblick, Oct. 12, 1799[1]. The Rosario, previously fitted as a fire-vessel, was burnt in an attempt made to destroy a French squadron in Dunkirk Roads, July 7, 1800[2].

Captain Carthew was subsequently appointed to the Shark sloop of war, on the West India station. His post commission bears date July 11, 1801. He afterwards commanded the Garland, Astrea, Crescent, and Gloire frigates; the latter formed part of the squadron under Sir Alexander Cochrane, at the reduction of Martinique in 1809.

Agent.– Isaac Clementson, Esq.