Royal Naval Biography/Coghill, Josiah Coghill

(Formerly John Cramer, Esq.)
[Post-Captain of 1806.]

Youngest son of a gentleman who assumed the name of Coghill, pursuant to the desire of Hester, Dowager Countess of Charleville, great-grand-daughter of Tobias Cramer, Esq. Sheriff of Dublin, grandson of Tobias Kramer, of Lower Germany, who was infranchised in Ireland, May 1639[1].

This officer obtained post rank Feb. 1, 1806; in which year we find him commanding the Concorde frigate, on the East India station, from whence he returned to England in the autumn of 1807. During the Walcheren expedition he commanded the Diana frigate, and was highly spoken of by Sir Richard J. Strachan in his despatches reporting the operations of the fleet under his orders. He succeeded to the baronetcy, on the demise of his elder brother. May 21, 1817.

Sir Josiah Coghill has been twice married: his present lady is the eldest daughter of Charles Kendall Bushe, Esq. the late Solicitor-General in Ireland.

Agents.– Messrs. Cooke, Halford, and Son.

  1. Sir Josiah C. Coghill’s father was created a Baronet July 25, 1778: his mother was the daughter of Josiah Hort, D.D. Lord Archbishop of Tuam.