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Royal Naval Biography/Cole, William John


Obtained his first commission on the 18th July, 1810; and subsequently served under Captain William Elliot, in the Crocodile 28, on the Guernsey and Lisbon stations. On the 31st July, 1821, he was appointed to the Northumberland 78, Captain T. J. Maling, employed as a guard-ship in the river Medway. In the beginning of 1828, we find him commanding the Onyx, 10-gun brig, and proceeding to the coast of Africa, from whence he returned to Portsmouth after an absence of five months. He was advanced to his present rank on the 8th Aug. 1828; and appointed an inspecting commander of the coast guard, July 6th, 1831. On completing his three years service, in command of the southern district, he was presented by the chief officers, the district surgeon, and the boats’ crews of the Crouch River station, with a superb silver snuff-box, “in testimony of the grateful sense they entertain of his kindness toward them whilst under his command, in combining the strictest discipline with unremitting attention to their interest and welfare.”

This officer married, Oct. 23d, 1818, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Robert Trace, Esq. of Lechdale, co. Gloucester.