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Passed his examination in May, 1811; obtained the rank of lieutenant on the 11th Dec. following; an appointment to the Cygnet sloop, Captain Robert Russell, Feb. 11th, 1812; and a commander’s commission on the 13th June, 1815. He has since been employed, for several years, in surveying various parts of the Mediterranean.

This officer is the author of “An Introduction to the Practice of Nautical Surveying, and the Construction of Sea-Charts, Illustrated by thirty-four Charts; translated from the French of C. F. Beautemps Beaupré, Hydrographer of the French Marine; with an Appendix, containing Dalrymple’s Essay on the most commodious methods of Marine Surveying, and the description of Observations by which the Longitude of Places on the Coasts of Australia, &c. have been settled, by Captain Matthew Flinders, R.N.”