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Royal Naval Biography/Couch, James

[Post-Captain of 1824.]

Was made a lieutenant on the 6th of Sept., 1800 ; presented with the Turkish gold medal, for his services on the coast of Egypt, at the conclusion of the French revolutionary war; appointed first of the Acasta frigate, Captain Alexander R. Kerr, Feb. 17th, 1813; and of the Impregnable 104, bearing the flag of Sir John T. Duckworth, in Hamoaze, Oct. 22d, 1816; advanced to the rank of Commander, Sept. 7th, 1817; appointed to the Perseus receiving ship for volunteers, stationed off the Tower, July 2d, 1821; and posted, Jan. 24th, 1824. He continued to command the Perseus until she was paid off, Jan. 10th, 1831; a period of nine years and a half[1].

  1. One of the first acts of the present naval administration, was to break up the establishment over which Captain Couch had so long presided.