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Royal Naval Biography/Crispin, Benjamin

[Post-Captain of 1813.]

{{sc|Entered} the navy previous to the Russian armament, in 1791; and was a midshipman of the Orion 74, Captain John Thomas Duckworth, at the defeat of the French fleet by Earl Howe, June 1, 1794. He afterwards joined the Queen 98, bearing the flag of Sir Alan (afterwards Lord) Gardner, in which ship he witnessed the capture of three two-deckers, off l’Orient, June, 23, 1795[1]. His promotion to the rank of lieutenant took place in December, 1796.

From this period, we find no particular mention of Mr. Crispin until November 4, 1805, when, as first lieutenant of the Caesar 80, Captain Sir Richard J. Strachan, he assisted at the capture of Rear-admiral Dumanoir le Pelley; for which he was made commander on the 24th of the following month[2].

Captain Crispin’s subsequent appointments were to the Leveret, Kite, Swallow, and Scout, brigs; which latter vessel he continued to command until his advancement to post rank, December 4, 1813.

This officer married in April, 1797, and has a very large family. One of his sons is a naval lieutenant, another holds a commission in the army.

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