Royal Naval Biography/Crouch, Edward Thomas


Obtained his first commission in May 1805; and was highly spoken of by Captain (afterwards Sir Michael) Seymour, for his gallant conduct and “admirable exertions” as junior lieutenant of the Amethyst frigate, at the capture of la Thetis, a French ship of superior force, in the night of Nov. 10th, 1808. He subsequently served as first of the Hannibal 74, commanded by the same distinguished officer, who, in an official letter reporting the capture of la Sultane frigate, Mar. 26th, 1814, informed his Admiral, that he had “given charge of the prize to Lieutenant Crouch, an able officer who had served many years with him.” The rank of commander, however, was not bestowed upon Lieutenant Crouch until July 19th, 1821. His last appointment was, in Jan. 1833, to be secretary to Sir Michael Seymour, then a Rear-Admiral, with whom he sailed from Plymouth for the South American station, in the Spartiate 78, Captain Robert Tait, on the 25th of the following month.

This officer married, Dec. 4th, 1814, the only daughter of Captain Richard R. Bowyer, R.N.