Royal Naval Biography/Curry, Roger Carley


Was made a lieutenant on the 17th Jan. 1810; and appointed to the Contest sloop. Captain James Rattray, Dec. 18th, 1812. He was wounded while gallantly commanding the boats of that vessel and the Mohawk sloop, at the capture and partial destruction of the American national schooner Asp, mounting one long 18-pounder and two carronades of the same calibre, with a complement of twenty-five men, in Yeocomio river, where she was lying close to the shore, protected by a large body of militia. In this affair, the boats had two men killed and five wounded; the Asp, her commander (a lieutenant in the United States’ navy) and nine men killed and wounded.

We next find Lieutenant Curry appointed, Jan, 3d, 1820, first of the Egeria 24, Captain John Toup Nicolas, fitting out for the Newfoundland station; from whence he returned home commander of the Pelter gun-brig. He obtained his present rank on the 21st Sept, 1832; and was appointed an inspecting commander on the 18th Mar. 1834.