Royal Naval Biography/Daniel, William Wescott

[Post-Captain of 1813.]

Received his first commission shortly after the death of his uncle. Captain George B. Westcott, who fell, on board the Majestic 74, at the battle of the Nile; and was made commander for his own gallant conduct, as senior lieutenant of the Achille 74, Captain (now Sir Richard) King, at the defeat of the French and Spanish fleets, near Cape Trafalgar.

The Achille’s first opponent was the Montanez 74, which Spanish ship she soon obliged to sheer off. Her second antagonist was the Argonauta 80, whose fire entirely ceased after an hour’s close action. Her third was l’Achille, French 74, who edged down on her larboard quarter, engaged her in passing to windward, and left her in fair single combat with the Berwick, of similar force. This latter ship she subdued and took possession of. Her loss has been stated in our memoir of Sir Richard King.

Captain Daniel was appointed to the Jasper brig of 10 guns, about July, 1808; and, in that vessel, we find him actively employed on the Cadiz station, under the orders of Sir Richard G. Keats[1]. He subsequently commanded the Doterel of 16 guns, at the Leeward Islands. His post commission bears date Dec. 4, 1813.

Agent.– J. Dufaur, Esq.