Royal Naval Biography/Dawson, Henry

[Post-Captain of 1811.]

Second son of John, first Earl of Port-Arlington, by Caroline Stuart, fifth daughter of John, third Earl of Bute, K.G. and heir presumptive to his brother the present peer.

This officer was born July 19, 1786; made a lieutenant Feb. 16, 1805; and promoted to the rank of commander Sept. 25, 1806.

In 1808 Captain Dawson was appointed, by Sir Edward Pellew, to act as governor of the naval hospital at Madras; and we subsequently find him commanding the Parthian brig, on the North Sea station. He is handsomely spoken of in the public despatches announcing the evacuation of Walcheren, in Dec. 1809, on which occasion, one division of the gun-boats ordered to cover the retreat of the rear-guard was entrusted to his charge by Commodore, now Sir Edward W. C. R. Owen. The Parthian was afterwards employed in blockading the German rivers.

Captain Dawson’s post commission bears date Aug. 1, 1811. He married May 20, 1813, Eliza Luttrell, daughter of Edmund Joshua Moriarty, Esq. by Lady Lucy, daughter of Simon, first Earl of Carhampton. His next brother, Lieutenant-Colonel George Lionel Dawson, acted as Quarter-Master-General to the Duke of Wellington, and was wounded at the battle of Waterloo.

Agent.– Messrs. Cooke, Halford, and Son.