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Royal Naval Biography/Dawson, John

[Superannuated Rear-Admiral.]

This officer was made a Post-Captain, April 3, 1796; and towards the conclusion of the revolutionary war, commanded the Diadem, troop-ship, from which he removed into the Asia of 64 guns, on the Baltic station. He was superannuated June 28, 1814. It is said of a gentleman of the same name, who commanded the Phäeton frigate, in 1787, and was afterwards dismissed his Majesty’s service, that when presiding at a court-martial, he desired the prisoner, who had been sentenced to be hanged, “to prepare himself for death, without delay, and to thank God it was no worse with him.” This may probably account for the well-known expression among sailors, “death, or worse punishment.”

Residence.– Carrickfergus, Ireland.