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Royal Naval Biography/Dent, Charles Calmady


Son of the late Lieutenant Dent, R.N., and brother to Commander Digby Dent.

This officer served as midshipman under Captain the Hon. Henry Duncan, in the Imperieuse and Glasgow frigates, on the Mediterranean and Channel stations. He was wounded while serving as master’s mate of the Minden 74, Captain William Paterson, at the battle of Algiers; and immediately afterwards promoted. We next find him appointed, Feb. 6th, 1821, to the Impregnable 104, flag-ship of the Hon. Sir Alexander I. Cochrane, in Hamoaze. He obtained his present rank on the 5th Jan. 1828.

Commander C. C. Dent married, Sept. 10th, 1829, Eliza, third daughter of the late Thomas Shepherd, Esq. formerly of Butcombe Court, co. Somerset.