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Royal Naval Biography/Dolling, William Brooking

[Post-Captain of 1811.]

Nephew to Superannuated Rear-Admiral Samuel Brooking.

This officer was made a Lieutenant in Aug. 1797, and he received the Turkish gold medal for his services during the Egyptian campaign: his promotion to the rank of Commander took place, Aug. 6, 1805. We subsequently find him in the Trompeuse corvette, on the Downs station.

On the 15th May, 1809, being then in company with the Badger brig. Captain Dolling discovered eleven French armed schuyts, standing to the eastward from Boulogne; and on his approach, they endeavoured to put into Ambleteuse; but three of them having overshot that harbour, were obliged to go round Cape Grisnez, where they were attacked in the ensuing night by the boats of the British vessels, under the direction of Lieutenant Strong, of the Trompeuse: two of them, mounting 2 long 6-pounders and 2 howitzers, with 13 men each, were boarded and brought out under a heavy fire from the enemy’s batteries and musketry on the beach; and the third was driven amongst the rocks, where she appeared to be rendered useless. One person belonging to the Trompeuse was slightly wounded; the enemy had two men wounded, and six threw themselves into the sea.

Captain Dolling’s post commission bears date, Aug. 1, 1811.

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