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Royal Naval Biography/Drummond, Adam

[Post-Captain of 1799.]

This officer obtained post rank Oct. 30, 1799. During the first revolutionary war, he commanded the Peterell sloop of war, and Bull Dog bomb. The former vessel was employed under Commodore Nelson in 1796[1]; the latter assisted at the capture of the San Leon, a Spanish brig of war, on the Lisbon station, Nov. 29, 1798[2]; and the bombardment of Alexandria in 1799. We subsequently find him commanding the Carysfort of 28 guns, Dryad frigate, and Leviathan 74. The Dryad captured le Rennair, a French privateer of 14 guns and 96 men, on the Irish station, March 22, 1808.

Captain Drummoad married, May 28, 1801, Lady Charlotte Menzies, eldest daughter of the Duke of Atholl, and widow of Sir John Menzies, Bart., by whom he has several children.

Agents.– Messrs. Brine, Chords, and Co.