Royal Naval Biography/Dundas, Henry

[Post-Captain of 1824.]

Served as midshipman on board the Liffey 50, Captain the Hon. Henry Duncan, C.B.; from which ship he was made lieutenant into the Glasgow 50, Captain the Hon. Anthony Maitland, C.B., Dec. 7th, 1819. His subsequent appointments were, – Oct. 20th, 1821, to the Euryalus 42, Captain (now Sir Augustus J. W.) Clifford, C.B.; – May 16th, 1823, to command the Rose sloop, on the Mediterranean station; – Feb. 9th, 1825, to be captain of the Dartmouth 42, employed in the West Indies; – and, Dec. 20th, 1826, to the Sapphire 28, fitting out for a particular service; in which latter ship he returned home from the Pacific Ocean, Nov. 1st, 1830.

Agents.– Messrs. Maude and Co.