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[Post-Captain of 1814.]

Served as midshipman on board the Donegal 71, Captain (now Sir Pulteney) Malcolm, at the battle off St. Domingo, Feb. 6, 1806[1]; obtained the rank of lieutenant, July 12, 1808; and was made commander for his gallant conduct as first of the Amphion frigate. Captain William Hoste, at the defeat of a French squadron, in the Adriatic, Mar. 13, 1811[2]. He subsequently distinguished himself by his activity in the Mermaid 32, armée en flûte, on the Mediterranean station, particularly at the siege of Trieste, and the unsuccessful attack of Leghorn, in Oct. and Dec. 1813[3]. His post commission bears date June 7, 1814.

This officer’s last appointment was, Dec. 27, 1824, to the Samarang 28, fitting for the Cape of Good Hope station, the command of which ship he retained until May, 1828. His brother, Robert Dunn, Esq. is an old naval surgeon.

Agent.– Messrs. Stillwell.