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Royal Naval Biography/Dutton, Thomas


Obtained the rank of lieutenant in Nov. 1800; and subsequently served on the coast of Egypt, where he was presented with the Turkish gold medal, at the close of the campaign of 1801. On the 14th July 1804, while commanding the Demerara schooner, in the West Indies, he was captured by the French ship privateer Grand Decidé, of 22 guns and 150 men, after an action of thirty minutes. He afterwards commanded the Hardy gun-brig, on the Downs station; and the Gladiator receiving-ship, in Portsmouth harbour, until promoted to his present rank, Feb. 1st, 1812. His next appointment was, Dec. 6th, 1813, to the Alonzo sloop; and since the peace he has been employed in the Ordinary at Portsmouth, where he continued for the usual period of three years.

This officer married, Jan. 26th, 1809, Priscilla Edgcombe, niece to the late Frederick Edgcombe, Esq. a Commissioner of the Victualling Board. His son, who was master’s-assistant on board the Briton frigate, died in 1829.