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Royal Naval Biography/Eager, John


We first find serving as passed midshipman on board the flag-ship of Sir John T. Duckworth, and volunteering to accompany Lieutenant (now Sir Nisbet J.) Willoughby to the attack of a large Spanish corvette, in the neighbourhood of Cuba, Feb. 1805[1]. He obtained his first commission on the 10th Oct. following; and distinguished himself as senior lieutenant of the Undaunted frigate, Captain Richard Thomas, at the reduction of a French fort on the smaller Medis island, coast of Catalonia, in Sept. 1811; and in the command of the boats of the Undaunted, Volontaire, and Blossom, at the capture and destruction of a national schooner and twenty merchant vessels, near the mouth of the Rhone, April 29th, 1812. He subsequently commanded the Clinker gun-brig, at Newfoundland and the Leeward Islands. His promotion to the rank he now holds took place on the 27th May, 1825.

Commander Eager married, June 29th, 1824, Catherine, youngest daughter of the late Commander James Bullock.