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Royal Naval Biography/Ellice, Alexander

[Captain of 1831.]

Entered the royal navy in 1806; served as midshipman on board the Imperieuse frigate. Captain the Hon. (now Sir) Henry Duncan; obtained his first commission on the 30th Oct. 1813; was fifth lieutenant of the Minden 74, Captain William Paterson, at the battle of Algiers, Aug. 27th, 1816; and continued to serve in that ship until paid off, on her return from the East Indies, with the flag of Vice-Admiral Sir Richard King, in 1820. He was made commander Feb. 19th, 1823; appointed to the Victor sloop, May 17th, 1831; promoted to the rank of captain, while serving on the coast of Portugal, Dec. 20th, 1831; and selected by Vice-Admiral the Hon. C. E. Fleeming, to command his flag-ship, the Ocean 80, in the River Medway, Aug. 16th, 1834.

This officer married, Sept. 28th, 1826, Lucy Frances, daughter of the late Charles Locke, Esq., and grand-daughter of the late Duchess of Leinster.