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Royal Naval Biography/Evance, William Devereux


Is a son of Mr. Evance, of the firm of Suttaby, Evance, and Co., booksellers, Stationers’ Court, Fleet Street, London. He passed his examination in Dec. 1812; obtained a commission, appointing him lieutenant of the Heron sloop, Captain Francis Charles Annesley, Sept. 3d, 1814; and afterwards served in the Tigris frigate. Captain Robert Henderson. On the 7th Nov. 1816, he was appointed flag-lieutenant to Rear-Admiral Plampin, then preparing to assume the naval guardianship of Napoleon Buonaparte: – on the 15th Aug. 1818, he was promoted to the rank of commander: – and in Oct. following we find him in the Redpole sloop, on the St. Helena station. He married, April 19th, 1825, Harriet, youngest daughter of Job Dyer, Esq. of Chigwell, co. Essex.