Royal Naval Biography/Evans, Andrew Fitzherbert

[Post-Captain of 1798.]

This officer was made a Lieutenant, Dec. 1, 1787; and on the 4th May, 1796, when commanding the Spencer sloop of war, captured, after a brisk action off Bermuda, la Volcan, a French corvette of 12 guns, pierced for 16, and 95 men. His post commission bears date April 15, 1798; and from that period until the peace of 1801, he commanded the Porcupine of 24 guns, on the Halifax and Jamaica stations. We subsequently find him in the AEolus frigate, and Vanguard 74, employed in the blockade of St. Domingo, and various other services. Towards the close of 1810, he was removed from the superintendence of the Stapleton depot for prisoners of war, to be a resident Commissioner of the Navy at Bermuda, where he had a broad pendant flying on board the Ruby 64, in 1816 and 1817.

Agent.– John Chippendale, Esq.