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Royal Naval Biography/Falcon, Gordon Thomas

[Post-Captain of 1813.]

Received his first commission in May, 1800; served as lieutenant under the late Hon. Sir. George C. Berkeley, in the Leopard 50, and Barfleur 98, on the Halifax and Lisbon stations[1]; was made commander, into the Melpomene troopship, March 13, 1811; advanced to post rank October 20, 1813, and appointed to the Cyane, rated at 22 guns, but mounting 32, in March 1814. His very gallant defence of that ship against the Constitution, an American forty-four has been recently described in our memoir of Captain the Hon. George Douglas[2].

Captain Falcon’s next appointment was, June 24, 1817, to the Tyne 26, fitting for South America; from whence she returned home with specie to the amount of nearly 700,000l, sterling, October 16, 1820. He has since commanded the Spartiate 76, and Wellesley 74, which ships successively bore the flag of Sir George Eyre, on the above station.

Agent.– Sir F. M. Ommanney.