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Royal Naval Biography/Fanshawe, Arthur

[Post-Captain of 1816.]

Youngest son of the late Commissioner Fanshawe, whose services we have recorded at p. 49 et seq. of Vol. II. Part I.

This officer was made lieutenant, April 22, 1813; commander, Oct. 2, 1815; and posted, while acting as captain of the Meander frigate, Oct. 17, 1816. He married, Aug. 10, 1820, Margaret, third daughter of the late Hon. Sir John Wilson, one of the Judges of H.M. Court of Common Pleas, and daughter-in-law of Rear-Admiral Griffith, now Colpoys, whose flag-ship, the Newcastle 60, he then commanded on the Halifax station. He was put out of commission January 16, 1822, since which period he has not been employed.

Agent.– John Chippendale, Esq.