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Royal Naval Biography/Feilding, Charles

[Post-Captain of 1802.]

This officer is descended in the paternal line, from the Earls of Hapsburgh, in Germany, who were Counts Palatine in the reign of Henry I. His father, the late Commodore Charles Feilding, was a grandson of Basil, 4th Earl of Denbigh; and his mother, a sister of George, the present Earl of Winchelsea and Nottingham.

Captain Feilding was posted in the West Indies, Jan. 15, 1802; returned to England in the Andromeda frigate, on the 24th Sept. following; and subsequently commanded the Circe of 28 guns, which ship was wrecked on the Lemon and Ower, whilst in chase of an enemy, Nov. 16, 1803. His next appointment was to the Sea Fencibles at Queenborough; and we afterwards find him in the Revolutionnaire frigate.

He married, April 24, 1804, Lady Elizabeth Theresa, eldest child of Henry, 2d Earl of Ilchester, relict of William Davenport Talbot, Esq., of Laycock Abbey, Wiltshire; and sister of the Marchioness of Lansdowne.

Agent.– Thomas Stilwell, Esq.