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Royal Naval Biography/Festing, Benjamin Morton


Son of Commander H. Festing, R.N., who died at Andover, in 1807; and nephew to the late Vice-Admiral Sir Richard Grindall, K.C.B.

This officer obtained his first commission on the 19th Feb. 1812; and served, during the remainder of the war, as lieutenant of the Eagle 74, Captain (now Sir Charles) Rowley, on the Mediterranean station. In Nov. 1814, we find him sailing for the East Indies, in the Tyne 24, Captain John Harper. In April 1810, he was appointed to the Cameron sloop, Commander W. J. Mingay, on the Portsmouth station. He was promoted to his present rank, Dec. 22d, 1826.

One of Commander Festing’s brothers, (Robert Worgan George) is a captain in the royal navy; and two others (Colson and Thomas Colson) are lieutenants.