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Royal Naval Biography/Festing, Robert Worgan George

[Post-Captain of 1811.]

Son of Commander H. Festing, R.N. who died at Andover, in 1807; and nephew to the late Vice-Admiral Sir Richard Grindall, K.C.B.[1]

This officer was made a Lieutenant Aug. 14, 1806; and advanced to the rank of Commander in 1808. We subsequently find him commanding the Dasher sloop, on the East India station, where he was appointed acting captain of the Illustrious 74, bearing the broad pendant of Commodore Broughton, previous to the sailing of the expedition against Java, in 1811[2].

After the surrender of Batavia, Captain Festing, then serving on shore with the army, was appointed to the Psyche frigate. His post commission bears date Oct. 9, 1811. Since the peace he has commanded the Falmouth of 20 guns.

Agents.– Messrs. Stillwell.