Royal Naval Biography/Fletcher, William

[Captain of 1829.]

Was made a lieutenant in Oct. 1809; and wounded while serving on board the Northumberland 74, Captain (now Sir Henry) Hotham, at the destruction of two French frigates and a brig, near l’Orient, May 22d, 1812. His next appointments were, – Jan. 14th, 1813, to the Elephant 74, Captain Francis W. Austen; – Jan. 31st, 1814, to the Superb 74, Captain the Hon. Charles Paget; – April 26th, 1816, to the Royal Naval College; – and, July 17th, 1820, to the Royal George yatch, from which vessel he was promoted to the rank of commander on the 30th Nov. following. Since then he has commanded the Terror bomb, and served as second-captain of the William and Mary yacht. His advancement to the rank he now holds took place Mar. 4th, 1829.

This officer married, in 1826, Elizabeth, daughter of J. L. Luscombe, of Combe-Royal, co. Devon, Esq.