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Royal Naval Biography/Fortescue, Matthew

[Retired Captain.]

The Fortescues are an ancient Devonshire family. Sir Henry Fortescue was Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas in Ireland, in 1246; and his second son was the celebrated Sir John Fortescue, Chief Justice of England in 1442, afterwards Lord Chancellor, and the author of the famous “Treatise de Laudibus Legum Angliae.”

Captain Fortescue is the second son of Matthew, second Earl of Fortescue, by Anne, second daughter of John Campbell, of Cawdor, in Scotland, and Stackpole-court, co. Pembroke, Esq. He was born April 12, 1754; obtained post rank May 24, 1782; and commanded the Daphne, a 20-gun ship, at the close of the American war. He married, in June 1795, Henrietta, only daughter of Sir Richard Hoare, Bart., and widow of Sir Thomas Acland, Bart. He has a son in the Coldstream regiment of foot guards. His brother is the present Earl of Fortescue.

Bankers.– Hoare and Co.