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Obtained his first commission on the 2d Feb. 1808; and was severely wounded while serving as lieutenant of the Apollo frigate. Captain B. W. Taylor, at the capture and destruction of a French convoy in the Bay of Rosas, Nov. 1st, 1809[1]. His next appointment was, Sept. 7th, 1810, to the Galatea 36, Captain Woodley Losack, which ship formed part of the squadron under Captain (now Sir Charles M.) Schomberg, and suffered severely in an action with three French frigates, off Madagascar, May 20th, 1811[2].

Towards the end of 1814, we find Lieutenant Foster proceeding from England to the West Indies, as first of the Palma frigate, Captain James Andrew Worth. He subsequently served under Captain Henry Hart, in the Sapphire 26, on the Jamaica station, from whence he returned home invalided, in 1820. He was advanced to the rank of commander, Jan. 2d, 1829.

This officer married, Oct. 1st, 1818, the second daughter of John Davidson, Esq., of Cork-street, Piccadilly, London.