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Royal Naval Biography/Fuller, Rose Henry


Youngest son of the late John Trayton Fuller, of Brightling, co. Sussex, Esq., by Anne, daughter of the first Baron Heathfield, and a collateral descendant of the renowned Sir Francis Drake.

This officer obtained his first commission on the 21st March, 1812, and was severely wounded, while serving as lieutenant of the Swiftsure 74, Captain Edward Stirling Dickson, at the capture, by boarding, of le Charlemagne French privateer schooner, of 8 guns and 93 men, near Corsica, Nov. 26th, 1813. He was promoted to his present rank on the 15th June, 1814 ; and granted a pension, the present amount of which is 150l. per annum, Feb. 28th, 1815.

Commander Fuller married, Nov. 28th, 1831, Margaretta Jane, second daughter of the late Rev. Sir Robert Sheffield, Bart. His eldest brother was created a baronet in July, 1821.[1]